Ittai Ben-Porath

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Talk Title: Differentiation Transitions in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Nissim Benvenisty

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Talk Title: Haploid Human Embryonic Stem Cells: From Development Biology to Genetic Screenings

Joseph Bonventre

Harvard University, USA

Talk Title: From Stem Cells to Human Kidney Organoids to Disease Modeling

Michele De Luca

Center for Regenerative Medicine “Stafano Ferrari”, University of Modena, Italy

Talk Title: Epithelial Stem Cells in Cell and Gene Therapy

Nitzan Gonen

Bar Ilan University, Israel

Talk title: Differentiating Embryonic Stem Cells Towards the Somatic Cell Types of the Gonad

Maria Grazia Roncarolo

Stanford University, USA

Talk Title: Engineering Hematopoietic Stem Cells to Cure Blood and Immune Disorders

Jacob Hanna

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Talk Title: Signaling Principles of Human Naïve Pluripotency

Arik Hasson

Kadimastem, Israel

Talk Title: First in Human Clinical Trials with Human Astrocytes as a Novel Cell Therapy for the Treatment of ALS

Gordon Keller

University Health Network, Canada

Talk Title: Translating Human Development to New Therapies with Human Pluripotent Stem Cell

Ralph Kern

Brainstorm, Israel

​Talk Title: Phase 3 Trial of Repeat Dose Msc-Ntf Cells (Nurown) in Als

Rafael Kramman

RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Talk Title: Role of Perivascular Progenitors in Cardiovascular and Kidney Disease

Tsvee Lapidot

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Talk Title: Daily Light and Darkness Onset Metabolically Regulate Blood and Bone Forming Stem Cells: The Role of Norepinephrine, TNF and Melatonin

Michael May

CCRM, Canada

​Talk Title: The Critical Intersection of Clinical Translation, Manufacturing & Commercialization

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Eran Meshorer

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Talk Title: Modeling polyQ Diseases in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Roel Nusse

Stanford University, USA

Talk Title: Homeostasis and Progenitor Cells  in the Liver

Ketan Patel


Talk Title: Toxic Metabolism and Stem Cell Integrity

Amnon Peled

Hadassah Medical Center, Israel

Talk Title: Role of CXCR4 in Trafficking and Survival of HSC and LSC

Orly Reiner

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Talk Title: Human On-Chip Brain Organoids to Study Human Brain Malformations

Yair Reisner

MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Talk Title: Multi-Potent Lung Progenitors  for Lung Repair

Yuval Rinkevich

Helmholtz Zentrum, Germany

Talk Title: A Cell-Lineage Perspective on Scar Development and its Diversity

Benyamin Rosental

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Talk Title: Evolutionary Origin of the Mammalian Hematopoietic and Immune System Found in a Colonial Chordate

Rami Skaliter

CellCure, Israel

Talk Title: FROM Embryonic Stem Cells To Cell Based Products– Insights

Sally Temple

Neural Stem Cell Institute, USA

Talk Title: Stem Cells in Brain Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease

Andreas Trumpp

German Cancer Research Center, Germany

Talk Title: Control of Normal and Malignant Stem Cell Hierarchies

Eldad Tzahor

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Talk Title: Novel Strategies for Cardiac Regeneration in Mammals

Achia Urbach

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Talk Title: Heterochronic Regulation of Lung Progenitor Cells During Embryonic Development by the Lin28/Let-7 Pathway

Irving Weissman

Stanford University, USA

Talk Title: Normal and Neoplastic Stem Cells

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